Neurotic disorders have been very popular among young people lately. Unfortunately, it turns out that neurosis does not diminish, quite the opposite. The fast pace of life and pursuit of money means that many people cannot live in harmony with themselves and others. Neuroses are a very heterogeneous group of mental disorders from very mild states to those that make life difficult for the patient and must be treated with pharmacotherapy. Knowing the cause of the neurosis is much easier to heal and choose the right therapy.
Today's world, although it abounds in many useful inventions, unfortunately does not allow us to be lazy. We pay our health for longer and harder work. We spend a lot of money while having too little time for ourselves and our loved ones. Such a vicious circle leads to nerve problems. Stress is most often an overload of work, combined with constant fear for further life and too high dose of the so-called stress hormones, including adrenaline, which is released when we feel stress. Fortunately, there are simple ways to combat stress and its symptoms, such as problems with sleeping or memory.
Phobia is nothing more than a neurotic disorder. Its symptom is persistent fears of specific situations, as well as objects and animals. Such anxiety can become a dysfunction when it limits our lives very much.